Adam Chuang, expat bij ASML, geeft aan waarom hij zijn zoon Jones laat kennismaken met voetbal bij VA Toppers.

Why Football?

Coming to the Netherlands and work as a foreign expat meaning that I have to bring my whole family over as I had worked for more than 10 years.

My son Jones came to the Netherlands at the age of 6 and now he is almost 8.

Football is THE sport that everybody is crazy about, and the more I watch football game, and at the same time watching my son’s school activities, the more I came to realize that team spirit exists everywhere from daily school activities to human relationship build-ups.

As a result, I chose football for my son as his first group sport here in the Netherlands, and I am observing already big progress in his physical strength as well as his football skill, and of course, start learning how to cooperate with others, and team up with other for a single purpose “GOAL”.

This is really encouraging to my son as he is also building up his confidence, and self esteem in every aspect.

I appreciate Voetbalacademie Toppers to offer this unique chance for my son as they also provide individual lessons for my son who’s never practice football before to catch up with his football skill-sets.

Many thanks
Adam Chuang